Dave Lewis

Kicking The Tires

Blog Post created by Dave Lewis Employee on Feb 9, 2015

Today marks my belated entry onto the Akamai Community and it looks great!


I have been with Akamai now for just under 2 years and I have had a wonderful time so far. During that time I have been helping sales folks to build trust with our customers and establishing myself by writing for various outlets. In addition to my time spend on the board of directors for (ISC)2, I write about security for CSO Online, Forbes and as of today I now write for e27 in Singapore. By doing this I'm doing my part to establish myself and Akamai as a trusted security advisor. A trusted partner in the customer's digital supply chain.


I also spend my copious amount of free time on several podcasts. First and foremost is the Liquidmatrix podcast (iTunes link). There is also the Akamai Kahuna Security podcast (with Bill Brenner and Martin McKeay) and a fledgling podcast endeavour called the Last Hacker Standing.


I'm looking forward to the wider engagement with our Akamai folks and I have some cool things up my sleeve for the future. Feel free to drop me a line.


You can also find me on Twitter @gattaca and here on LinkedIn.