"zone apex requires at least one valid ns record" error on Fast DNS

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Are you trying to add record for your Zone Apex and getting "zone apex requires at least one valid ns record" error? If you are getting this error, You are following wrong process to add record for your zone apex. Please make sure you are following right steps to add record for your Zone Apex. In most cases, You would like to add NS record. The following are the steps to add record to your zone apex.


1. Configure->FastDNS->Configuration

2. Search for the Domain

3. Edit the Zone

4. On the Editing page, You will be represented with existing records and with an option to add new record.

5. If you want to add record for your Zone Apex, Please do not add record using "Add New Record Set" option.

6. Click on "@" symbol in the existing record section, As shown below




7. Once you click on "@", a new page will show all the records under your Zone Apex. You will notice your zone apex name populating on the page and will ask you to select "Add Record Type" from the drop down.



8. If you do not have any NS record, You can select NS record from the drop down. If you have NS record already added in the zone apex, you can change them here and can add more NS record by click on "New Record" button displayed on above screenshot.


9. Similar way you can add following other records for your zone apex.



If you have any issue with adding records even after following above steps, Please reach out to Akamai Customer Care for assistance.



Harsh Dhandhukia