Gunther Kochmann

Create new CP code straight from Property Manager

Blog Post created by Gunther Kochmann Employee on May 11, 2015

Did you ever run into the case where you were in process of creating a new property configuration (or extend an existing) by means of the Akamai Property Manager and forgot to request new CP codes prior to starting the task?


Well, that meant either putting the configuration work in Property Manager on hold or temporarily work with a "wrong" CP code - both not ideal.


Why is that?

  • CP codes were only created by the Akamai Account Team (e.g. your Client Services Manager)
  • you had to raise a Business Support ticket and request your new CP codes
  • by nature of a business ticket this took more than just an instant in time (it is not an automated process)
  • only after your Client Services Manager told you that the new CP codes were available you could continue your configuration task


Now the good news is that with Property Manager this process can be short-cut and done in one step:

  • start your new property configuration OR edit a new version of your existing property configuration (no need to raise business ticket with CP code request)
  • once you add your 'Content Provider Code' Property Manager behavior, the field will be marked red / is showing 'Unknown CP code' and you are required to select your CP code - click the small pencil (refer to point 1 in the image below)
  • now click on the 'Create a new CP code' tab (refer to point 2 in the image below)
  • then enter the name you would like to give to your new CP code (refer to point 3 in the image below)





  • should you need a CP code which is able to handle traffic for China CDN, please continue using the process as today (via business ticket in LUNA, your Client Services Manager will handle the request then)
  • in case you require a larger number of CP codes it may be more convenient for you to go the traditional way via LUNA business ticket


Have you already tried that means of obtaining new CP codes? Please share your experience with this feature!