Gunther Kochmann

Fast DNS logging option for detailed analysis

Blog Post created by Gunther Kochmann Employee on May 18, 2015

Who has ever wondered how to get more details out of the traffic served by Akamai's Fast DNS servers?


  • Standard LUNA reports (MONITOR -> Fast DNS -> Traffic) only give overall figures like DNS requests per second or hits per second that resulted in NXDOMAIN, plus the total figures of those numbers
  • A more advanced analysis would be possible by employing the logging capabilities (Log Delivery Service) and evaluate the resulting logfiles


The latter option is easily enabled in a similar fashion as Log Delivery Services on CP codes:


  1. Log on to LUNA
  2. Choose menue item CONFIGURE -> Log Delivery
  3. Pick the option 'Zone' from the drop-down:




Now you will be able to see all your provisioned DNS zones, next to each you find the 'Action' gear where you may select 'Begin Log Delivery'.


The log format is described in the Log Delivery User Guide (available in LUNA, under Support -> User and Developer Guides), section 'Formats and Example Log Lines'. Refer to the format 'dns'.


Does anyone have any experience with this log format and its log analysis?