Will Law

Akamai acquires OctoShape

Blog Post created by Will Law Employee on Apr 6, 2015

This morning Akamai announced the acquisition of OctoShape, a provider of OTT IPTV services in the broadcast, enterprise, and carrier solution space. You can read the press announcement here: April 6, 2015 - Akamai Acquires Octoshape


Tom Leighton, our CEO, notes that "The acquisition of Octoshape is expected to provide us with valuable operational experience and technology in the area of high-quality and lower-cost media delivery (especially 4K) to broadcast-sized audiences.  In addition, we think the acquisition will further the deployment of Akamai client software into devices, carrier networks, enterprises and homes." Bill Wheaton, General Manager of the Media Division at Akamai, commented that "Octoshape represents a huge opportunity for us to accelerate our promise to our Media customers of delivering the best quality for online content at unparalleled scale.  The Octoshape technology will further differentiates us from our competition and accelerate client deployment around the world."


From the engineering perspective, Octoshape has a set of mature technologies which that are of interest to Akamai:


  • High Bitrate IP for content ingest - to help address first mile problems for live streams
  • Live video UDP distribution - maximize channel resources for clients with high RTT and packet loss connections to edges servers.
  • Live video P2P - enables live event capacity which scales in proportion to the demand
  • Home gateway pre-positioning - moving files closer to the receiver ahead of their consumption.
  • Native multicast and AMT - using IP multicast for efficient distribution of concurrently viewed content
  • Client side statistics - richer information about the end-user experience.


There will be more formal communications from our Product Teams and Senior Management around the integration efforts and about which of these technologies get incorporated in to the Akamai roadmap. If you'd like to see an example of Octoshape in action, come to our booth SL3325 at NAB this year.  We're looking forward to changing the way media is delivered.