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Blog Post created by B-3-P4FD9 Employee on Mar 29, 2016

Using Google Sheets to Score and Track KCS Article Quality - News/Events

Published 03.29.16: Discusses detailed processes and example templates to use in order to create and run a KCS continual quality management lifecycle within the Google for work Sheets environment.


Knowledge.~{Evolved} - News/Events

Published 10.19.15: Ushers in the  knowledge space in to the community and sets a high level direction for how KCS methodologies will be used to make KB articles more relevant, findable, and contextually rich while leveraging the Community as an open but tight feedback loop for continual improvement.

Get what you're paying for... (Part I) - Cloud Security

Published 06.05.15: Illustrates the risks and rewards around maximizing the use of products and features that are actively contracted for but are underutilized. Includes a Security example.


An IP Address by any other name is just a bad actor... - Cloud Security

Published 04.02.15: Illustrates the pitfalls of blacklisting IP addresses including the impact to end users who assume blocked IPs, malware, anonymous proxies/gateways, and stale data, as well as introducing Akamai's unique cloud-based security toolset to better manage attack behavior rather than a one-dimensional characteristic.


Escaping MPLS and VPN using Akamai and AutoProxy - Web Performance

Published 02.18.15: Discusses how autoproxy files can be used to provide Enterprise end users a better experience interacting with cloud-based SAAS apps and Akamaized Intranet applications.


Why FOSSL Really Matters - Cloud Security

Published 11.14.14: Highlights one of the lesser known by severe vulnerabilities customers are exposed to that have not enabled DENY mode for their Secure Content Delivery properties.

The UGLY Truth Behind the Practice of IP Whitelisting... - Cloud Security

Published 11.06.14: Discusses the pitfalls in configuring and maintaining an IP whitelist that can unknowingly subvert your application security

Putting Knowledge at the Center of Everything - News/Events

Published 11.03.14: Introduction to the Akamai KCS pilot, basic concepts of Knowledge Centered Support, and an overview of direction.


Using EdgeScape to Block US-Embargoed Countries (Part 3) - Media Delivery

Published 10.27.14: Provides detailed explanations of the reporting anomalies shown in the final graph of part 2, and how to address or interpret them.


Using EdgeScape to Block US-Embargoed Countries (part 2) - Media Delivery

Published 10.17.14: Provides a walk-through for how to create a standalone web service client to report on Embargoed Country downloads including a sample source file to get a head start on the niche utilization of the HttpDownloadsReportService .


Using EdgeScape to Block US-Embargoed Countries (Part 1) - Media Delivery

Published 10.17.14: Provides insight behind how to use EdgeScape as a first line of defense for Software Export compliance related to embargoed countries.  Both limitations and best practices are covered for this specific use case for Enterprise Software Downloads.


Bad Actor or Bad Site Design? (Part II) - Cloud Security

Published 10.02.14: Further details the importance of looking at an attack from both the network view and the application view to ascertain malicious intent and root cause illustrating the concepts using a real world example of poor site design appearing outwardly to be an attack.


Bad Actor or Bad Site Design? (Part I) - Cloud Security

Published 10.02.14: Discusses the ambiguous nature of dealing with web security attacks and how Akamai is uniquely position with the right products, services, and people, to maintain business continuity throughout a security event.


The Death of Usability in the Age of Electronic Security - Cloud Security

Published 09.30.14: Explores the current state of technology and the unwieldy expectations it imposes on users and operators of various interfaces and devices.


Beaconing for a Better Tomorrow - Web Performance

Published 09.29.14: Proposes a methodology of using beacons for real-time troubleshooting and grapples with issues around privacy and policy given possible sensitivities in the current macro climate.

Using a Qualified Software Based Encoder for On-Demand Broadcasting - Media Delivery

Published 09.29.14: Illustrates how an Internal Broadcasting Platform quality and capabilities were vastly improved by moving to a qualified Encoder and provides a customer visible link to the list of currently qualified encoders.