Brandon Kang

CDN Provider Checker V1.1

Blog Post created by Brandon Kang Employee on Jun 30, 2015

Sales persons often ask me they want to know which CDN vendor is providing CDN services to the specific domain.

Then I always guide them if they use dig or nslookup.

They can see whether CDN is applied and they can assume the vendors according to CNAME domains.

Or, there is a famous service for this case called CDN finder tool from the CDN planet - CDN Finder tool - CDN Planet

But I found that they don't update the service for a long time. The service does not have the recent CDN vendors.


That's why I decided to create the service by myself to check CDN vendors for certain domain name.

I put most of famous CDN vendors to the vendor list including Korean specific ISP-CDN vendors.

I developed this service using Node.js plus Cheerio.js (cheeriojs/cheerio · GitHub)  for web scraping on the Ubuntu environment.


Most of www domains embeds static domains to apply static contents caching only and get the benefits from domain sharding.

So, I added more features - scraping the index page and gather embedded domains for images, JavaScript and CSS moreover linked domains.


You can enjoy CDN Provider Checker V1.1 here - CDN Provider Checker

I am using free cloud VM service from Cloud9 ( at the moment but I need to move the service to AWS or something to avoid service downtime.


Below is a sample capture when I checked using the service.


Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.03.14 PM.png


You can click the links of the embedded domains to check its CDN provider repeatedly.

I will give more functions based on feedbacks from my colleagues to Version 2.0.


Please enjoy~!