Stuart Wakeling

Dating sites or snowboards?

Blog Post created by Stuart Wakeling Employee on Apr 17, 2015

Generally speaking I'm in favor of targeted advertising and I'm happy to receive adverts on things I'm interested in (snowboarding, DIY etc) rather than dating sites (I'm happily married with two kids) but of course there is a fine line between the information that I willingly expose to improve services and my privacy.


After all, do you really read every clause in your new legal T&C's every time you update your smartphone's software?


Today it has been alleged that a Canadian media company sold customer information gathered through its targeted ads program and then sold that information.

To be clear these are only allegations but it's hard not to draw some comparisons to the public furore that surrounded a telco operator with their targeted advertising system 4 years ago To be fair there were no allegations that the information discovered would be sold, but there was clearly an element of secrecy that surrounded the gathering of data in the first place.


These serve as examples of how it is so important to not just comply with the letter of the law but also the spirit of the law.


Anything else is just bad ...Phorm.