Stuart Wakeling

Keeping it local

Blog Post created by Stuart Wakeling Employee on Jun 2, 2015

Today it's been announced that Microsoft is building out two new data centres in Toronto and Montreal. The reported intent here is to ensure that content will stay in Canada and therefore under Canadian jurisdiction.


I see the logic in hosting the content in a particular geographic location however Canada is a massive country and not all Canadians live in Toronto and Montreal (though you wouldn't think it judging by the traffic gridlock on my daily commute).

While the content may be hosted in Toronto or Montreal, how do you ensure good performance to those Canadian customers living in Cape Spear in Newfoundland or Mount St Elias in the Yukon Territory, as far south as Middle Island and as far north as Cape Columbia in Nunavut?


The answer is that you need to find a way to deliver that content hosted in Toronto or Montreal by leveraging a platform that's where those users geographically are.


There are no Community points for guessing who can help businesses accomplish this