Stuart Wakeling

Keeping it simple

Blog Post created by Stuart Wakeling Employee on Jun 10, 2015

Apple has announced their new streaming service and with the size of the iTunes store and the proliferation of mobile safari (as reported by Akamai's Internet Observatory), its obviously going to be a success.


The real jewel in the crown though has to be the recommendation engine. If you're fortunate enough to live in the United States (or have no scruples and leverage a VPN to get around their licensing), you can enjoy to discover new music and artists.


Alas I live in Canada and won't stoop to installing a VPN to change my location so I can't benefit from Pandora however I do have an ipod, and ipad, and iphone all sync'd up to iTunes and a bluetooth enabled amp that also supports airplay.

Apple has made it simple to build on their ecosystem in a way that is easy for an end user to consume new functionality whether you're a geek or not.

Anything that helps me discover fresh music and new bands has to be a good thing and I'll happily pay for that when its launched in Canada.

After all, we all have bills to pay.