Stuart Wakeling

Far too saucy

Blog Post created by Stuart Wakeling Champion on Jun 22, 2015

To engage with your customers in new and exciting ways you have to embrace social media. People are busy and therefore you need to keep things simple and on the surface a QR code would be a great way to engage with your customers. Users scan the QR code and are directed to your competition/marketing site in a fast and easy manner.


At least that's the theory.


However if you are going to leverage QR codes, which are unreadable to people, it makes sense to scan the code prior to making it public.


Alas one well known brand of sauce either didn't check the URL that the QR code pointed to, or didn't take sufficient steps to ensure the registration did not lapse as the QR code directed users to a **** site.


This somewhat embarrassing news highlights the challenges businesses face of managing marketing campaigns while ensuring agility without impacting Search Engine Optimization results.


One good way to offload your infrastructure team and empower your marketing team could be to leverage a cloud based redirection tool. Akamai calls these Cloudlets and Edge Redirector is one of 5 Cloudlets currently available that solve specific business or operational challenges.


The best thing is you can try them for free for 60 days in the Akamai Marketplace.


Now, if only I could have put all this into a QR code.