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Blog Post created by Stuart Wakeling Employee on Jul 28, 2015

When we think of wearable tech we immediately think of the Apple watch or maybe Google Glass but I stumbled upon this article that stretched my thinking.

If your very clothing could interact with phones/tablets or trigger an automatic process imagine the possibilities! An example could be deactivating your home security system, unlocking your front door and activating your air con when you get home; actually that isn't very interesting and certainly isn't a game changer. Maybe the creative juices have run dry in the baking Toronto summer sun?

Where the rubber meets the road (not to be confused with the recent blog post about car hacking) is where the technology can quite literally save lives.

Imagine an elderly dementia sufferer who lives alone and has a fall and gets hurt. How would they be able to call for assistance if the phone is out of reach? Not everyone is comfortable wearing an alarm around their neck and speaking from experience I know my dad wasn't.

Now imagine that their very clothing would know its being worn based on body temperature and those sensors detect an impact to the front or back of the body or that the person doesn't move for a considerable amount of time, that could be enough to trigger an automated process that could get help to those that need it the most.


All of this lends credence to the Internet of Things where everyone and everything is connected. That doesn't address the inherent architectural issues of the Internet but as a platform to transmit information it's a starting point.