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The risk of free wi-fi

Blog Post created by Stuart Wakeling Employee on Aug 19, 2015

In a follow on from a previous posting about free wi-fi and as we take some time off during summer, I’d like to ask the question ‘how much personal and corporate information do you have on your mobile device? ‘ Your email, contacts, private notes, pictures of your loved ones, maybe reminders of your private banking information, confidential work related data?


Imagine you went on holiday and your mobile device was compromised?


Researchers have found that on average, mobile devices are more than 25 percent likely to expose personal and corporate data to a network attack on a monthly basis. The research also found that Android devices encounter network related threats with almost twice the likelihood than iOS devices. Even though iOS devices connect on average to more WiFi networks, android devices connect to more threatening networks.


You can

Thanks to Shawn Miller for the article.