Stuart Wakeling

How chatbots could change society

Blog Post created by Stuart Wakeling Employee on Nov 27, 2017

It’s been a while since my last blog post and during this time Akamai has grown in people, network footprint, revenue and services.


Once of these services is Bot Manager which provides insight into which bots are visiting your site, what they are looking for and gives you tools as to how to manage them (let’s face it, not all bots are good like well reputed SEO bots).


On the topic of bots this story caught my attention and I found myself really encouraged that technology is being used to take the fight to those who still think it is acceptable to treat others as property.


Law Enforcement simply doesn’t have the resources to fight what is clearly a huge issue (250 predators in the first 2 hours!) but as a deterrent I think it’s fantastic though clearly more can be done.