Julie Brancik

A Big 'Thank You' to the Akamai Community

Blog Post created by Julie Brancik Employee on Mar 29, 2016

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As you may have already read, Akamai won the Transforming Customer Support Award!

It's been a little over a week since we were honored to accept the award at the JiveWorld conference in Las Vegas.  Big thanks go out to our talented team of Akamai Subject Matter Experts and Akamai Partners for their support in the community.  It is with their efforts we are so proud to celebrate.  We are also so grateful to all of our customers and guests, as without them there would be no need for our support community! On behalf of all of us on the Akamai Community team, we thank you for being part of the change within our community.

I wanted to provide an update on the community after almost a month since upgrading to our new platform.  I am very happy with the new site and am proud of how everything came out.  With that said, there have been a few learning experiences, with a couple minor bumps.  The good news is, we worked through most of them and hopefully you never noticed.

First of all I want to say another big "Thank you!" to everyone who has provided positive and constructive feedback.  The group of us who dedicated our time to launching this new platform over the last few months greatly appreciates your support.

There have been a few aspects of our community upgrade that I would like a moment to discuss.

  • Document Preview Feature.  If a user (A.K.A. an anonymous user) is not logged into the community, a binary document (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc) will not preview.  To preview documents, a user must to be logged in or they will need to download the document to view it.  The lesson here is, when you come to the community, log in first.

  • Homepage.  We will be making some changes to how content is displayed on the homepage.  Expect this to change to accommodate our user feedback.


If you have additional feedback or questions, please reply to this post, send an email to our team, or take our Voice of the Community survey.  Your feedback is important and will greatly help improve our community.


I'll close by saying there are some exciting projects that we have in the pipeline.  Our goals are to make this community strong, easy to use, and beneficial to our Akamai users.  Remember, its your community.  Help shape it.






cc: Judi Cardinal