What is 2FA

Blog Post created by B-C-588MIZ Employee on Dec 15, 2014

What is 2FA?

Generally speaking, multifactor authentication (or 2-Factor Authentication/2FA/TFA) requires at least two distinct types or factors of identity verification in order to access data or network services. These can be either:


a code, such as a password (something you know)

a physical key, such as a smartcard (something you have)

a biometric, such as a fingerprint (something you are)

Because an attacker would have to steal not one but several different kinds of identity, multifactor authentication is much harder to defeat than simpler kinds of authentication.



Access to Luna Control Center accounts can be protected with 2FA: a code (password) and a physical key (the user's mobile phone/device).



Account administrators manage 2FA access on a per-user basis. It can be enabled, reset, or disabled for a chosen user at any time.