Rohit Vijay

Black Friday - How OPEN API’s can contribute?

Blog Post created by Rohit Vijay Employee on Nov 29, 2015

In the holiday season every second matters. Now while we do our best to avoid any configuration changes, we still need ability to purge Akamai cache, tweak values of policies  for cloudlets like VPA, Edge redirector etc. Changes to GTM or DNS configurations may be required as well.


This is where OPEN API's can help. There won’t be any need to login into LUNA control portal to manually make any changes.With careful planning and readiness to use API’s a lot of time can be saved, a lot of manual errors can be avoided over the holiday season.


Recommended API’s for Black Friday ->


Content Control Utility API :

Cloudlets API :

DNS Zone record Management API :

Edge Redirector Cloudlet API :

Netstorage API (Pre OPEN) :

Network List API :

Traffic Management API :

VPA Cloudlet API :


For the comprehensive list of API’s please visit the API catalog ->

Please visit {OPEN} to learn more about OPEN platform.