Ritika Tandon

This holiday season, Be Wise

Blog Post created by Ritika Tandon Employee on Oct 1, 2014

With more and more shoppers flocking to online stores , brick and mortar is fast becoming a trend of the past.

The world has shifted from window to browser shopping and the regular buyer is happy with the 'door to door' service.

From clothes to gadgets to groceries, Ecommerce has it all covered!

9 US giants announced the shutdown of their traditional stores and with much reason. Ecommerce has slowly but steadily been pilfering consumers.

Adoption of this rapidly evolving shopping landscape by retailers is the key to their survival.


An online shopper has very high expectations and wants the best of everything.

In addition to a broad product catalogue and ease of home delivery, an engaging, fast and secure online experience is high on that expectation list.

As if ensuring exclusivity of the products and maintaining quality was not enough, the new age shopper also expects high quality and genuinely engaging content, images and videos.

The human mind is fickle and restless and waits for none.


Latest scientific research suggests that the transient attention span of human beings may be as short as 8 seconds , 1 second less than that of a goldfish's (Source)

A slow website is a foolproof method to increase your site abandonment rate by potential buyers.

in 2013, Akamai published that 2 seconds is the "new threshold of acceptability for Ecommerce web page response times".

Sitting in the comfort of their homes online shoppers want close to instant load times and smooth hassle free check-outs.

Content providers thus need to provide high value in terms of performance.

Next is What?


2014 has been a year of Smartphones and Mcommerce. Increasing number of users shop on mobile phones / tablets

In newer markets , ROPO (research online, purchase offline) has already set in, paving the way for a totally online model.

Forrester's forecast of mobile payments reaching $90B by 2017 is a clear indicator of the power of Mcommerce

As the 'on the move' market grows the content will need to become more targeted and slow wireless connections will need to be used in more optimized ways.

This is a technology trend that everyone in the industry should be weary of and take into consideration when designing an Ecommerce application.

The "Ally" - Role of Social Media

It has been more impactful than ever.

The sharing of purchased items via social channels is highly prevalent.

Consumers are looking for innovative ways of not only sharing products but also shopping experiences and thus contributing to how many people visit an online store.

Reports published by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP shows that in China Alone 86% of the shoppers buy products on social media. Here

But thats not ALL !!


There are the bad guys! They want to tarnish your reputation and curb your sale and growth .

And they are everywhere , waiting to steal and destroy from both you and your consumers.

Security of a website is thus of paramount importance to all stakeholders.


The question here is - Can your website give its consumers all this and more?


The holiday season is round the corner and and what it has in store, only Time will tell .

But as someone wise said 'The future belongs to those who prepare for it today'.