Anders Rydell

UKI Technology Day

Blog Post created by Anders Rydell Employee on Nov 17, 2014

Thank you to all presenters!


It was a pleasure to listen to all the sessions during the day.

What I heard through the day from the attendees it was well received and heard good things about each session.

John Dillon, Christopher Jen, Manfred Fochler, Andrew Parker, Martin McKeay, Chris DayChristian Pino Tossi and Nick Coleman top marks from me, again thank you.


The presenters slides will be available on request.


Thank you to all Attendees, you made the day to what it became, with questions and participation.

Thank you are all the feedback which I am reviewing n more detail.


Shall any of you have further questions or feedback please send them to me or Zoe Latchford.



Special thanks to Zoe Latchford for helping arranging the day.