Anders Rydell

Images Tech Day - 25th June

Blog Post created by Anders Rydell Employee on Jun 22, 2015

We are gearing up for our next Tech Day, this one focused on Images.


If you been unable to attend, please get back to myself or Chris Fuller


With images accounting for approximately 65% of the average page weight, they often have massive performance implications. Factor in bandwidth demands, complex workflows, a myriad of device capabilities and network scenarios and the picture becomes even more complex. This technology day will highlight key web experience trends around images and the web and discuss current and future delivery technologies. We will hear from Akamai's image and responsive web design experts on issues including competing image formats, markup options, image optimisation techniques and the impact of images on responsive design. We will also hear from Andrew Merrell, front-end developer with the NowTV team on their set of image challenges.


Our speakers include:

- Andrew Merrell - Web Development at NowTV

- Yoav Weiss - technical lead of the Responsive Image Community Group, and contributing author of Smashing Book #5: Real-Life Responsive Web Design.

- Tim Kadlec - developer, performance consultant and author of Implementing Responsive Design: Building sites for an anywhere, everywhere web.

- Guy Podjarny - Akamai CTO, creator of the Mobitest tool and author of Responsive & Fast: Implementing High-Performance Responsive Design.

- Michael Gooding - Web Performance evangelist, data miner and performance consultant.


Plus - share ideas, challenges, best practices and lessons learnt with your peers and hear how an Akamai customer manages thousands of images and provides server-side compositing. Finally, tour Akamai’s Network Operations Command Centre.