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Martin McKeay live security webinar - Tuesday 1 December - Hacker's Toolkit: DDoS for Hire

Blog Post created by Anders Rydell Employee on Nov 20, 2015

Martin McKeay our Security Advocate will be delivering a Webminar on 1st Dec at 1PM.

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Hackers, Cybercrime & Espionage (01-02 Dec)

Are pentests outdated in a month? How are organizations staying ahead of hackers and are there any tools that can help? Find out in this summit.


Title:  Hacker’s Toolkit:  DDoS for Hire


Synopsis:  It’s no secret that there are botnets for hire, groups of computers that can, and are, used against our organizations on a daily basis.  But what is the nature of these botnets?  What abilities do the each of the installed toolkits offer to the attacker?  Most importantly how do their capabilities change the defenses necessary to protect yourself?


We’ll cover two of the most recent toolkits that have been seeing wide usage.  Learn a little about the people behind the attacks, where the attacks are coming from and what you might expect to see in the near future.  You might be a bit surprised at where a lot of the traffic is coming from (hint: it’s closer than you think).