Test Akamai API with postman and Javascript #1

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We, Akamai, provides several EdgeGrid sample codes and libraries in several languages like Java, Ruby, Python, C#, etc. If you are familiar with those languages, you can easily use the samples to test Akamai APIs for your interests and build up test code for business scenarios is not the hard thing to achieve.


In contrast, if you are not easy to understand it or feeling hard for write down test codes for your requirements, you might wants to know if there's any good public tool. Nice programmers are already prepared great tool named "postman" that is very famous for web developers and coders. But is it compatible with Akamai APIs? The answer for this question is "No". But with some javascript code, we can achieve it easily and can change the answer to "Yes"


Postman is a good tool for testing and make automation for API calls


"postman" is useful and powerful to make HTTP test calls. And you can store it into "Collections" with required URI and parameters. More over these basic functionality, "postman" supports powerful way of enhancing HTTP calls with Javascript, named "Pre-request Script". Akamai API need to make custom HTTP headers accordance with Akamai way of authentication and authorization system. General functionality of "postman" does not support this but we can use "Pre-request Script" with some lines of Javascript to make authorization headers then we will call Akamai APIs in "postman".


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