Akamai at RSA Conference 2015

Blog Post created by B-C-METOYX Employee on Feb 19, 2015

Akamai security staff will be at RSA Conference 2015 in force, and some of us will be giving talks. A preview:


The Long Road to a Secure Web


In a world of pervasive monitoring, content injection, and other vexatious adversaries, getting to a secure web experience requires more than just a TLS certificate. Let's look under the covers of TLS web implementations. Understand the hazards we all face, and the steps forward toward a safer future.



Andy Ellis Chief Security Officer, Akamai Technologies



Zero Knowledge Security


What is 'zero knowledge security' and why do we need it? We need solutions where providers have no access to our data in an unencrypted information. Governments, companies and hackers all want access to our data, as evidenced by breaches, tracking and privacy violations that dominate the news. Explore what it takes to create a zero knowledge solution and review examples of current solutions.



Martin McKeay, Senior Security Advocate, Akamai Technologies

John Summers, VP of Akamai's Security Business Unit, will also be giving a talk. I'll add the details here when they become available.