The Week in Security Storytelling

Blog Post created by B-C-METOYX Employee on Mar 6, 2015

Good morning, folks! Here's a look at content from the past week.


Please note that in addition to the Akamai Blog, all this content and more can be found on Akamai Community https://community.akamai.com/welcome, StateoftheInternet.com http://www.stateoftheinternet.com/ and the security section of Akamai.com, http://www.akamai.com/infosec.


***I urge you all to start using Akamai Community if you haven't already. Customers are actively using it to ask us questions. This week, they asked a lot of questions about CVE-2015 0204, and they've been pretty happy with our responsiveness. We've also created a section on Community for Security Research and Intelligence. Dave Fernandez and I are still fleshing it out, but it'll launch soon.


Akamai Addresses CVE 2015-0204 Vulnerability

The following, written by Rich Salz, deals with Akamai's response to CVE 2015-0204. The vulnerability has been exploited by such exploits as the so-called FREAK attack.




Global Map of DDoS Attacks

Among the security content on Akamai's new State of the Internet website is a very cool map where you can view DDoS attack activity worldwide in near real-time, including global sources, types, volume and targets. The most recent 5000 DDoS attacks blocked by Akamai appear on the map. Each DDoS attack source can command hundreds or thousands of DDoS bots. Viewers can customize their view by zooming in or out. There's also a section that ranks bot activity by country. Check it out here.




Security Kahuna Podcast, 3-3-15

Newly disclosed data breaches. A constant stream of fresh security vulnerabilities. Dangerous network configurations. Bad passwords. Old lessons unheeded. Bill Brenner, Dave Lewis and Martin McKeay discuss the latest incidents in the never-ending fight against evil.