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Struggling with validating your Let's Encrypt certificate?

Blog Post created by Mike Elissen Employee on Aug 24, 2017

Struggling with validating your Let's Encrypt certificate?

You can use your Akamai configuration in order to validate the Let's Encrypt certificate. When requesting a Let's Encrypt certificate through Akamai, you need to place an HTTP Redirect on your domain. Preferably, this is done on the origin side, but you can also set this up in your Akamai configurations.



  • Requested a Let's Encrypt certificate in CPS
  • Have the hostname CNAMEd to Akamai


Steps to set-up validation at Akamai

  • Create a new version of your configuration
  • Add a Blank Rule
  • Add the IF statement Path matches one of /.well-known/acme-challenge/*
  • Add the behavior Redirect Plus
  • Set the Destination URL as {{builtin.AK_SCHEME}}://dcv.akamai.com{{builtin.AK_PATH}}
  • Push to Akamai Staging, Test and push to Akamai Production



This will make sure Akamai EdgeServer will handle the redirect for you. This is low-risk because the IF statement ONLY matches on /.well-known/acme-challenge/*. Once this is deployed to Akamai Production, the validation should be completed within 2-4 hours. Please make sure that if you have multiple hostnames, this is validated for all hostnames.


For any questions about this, please feel free to comment below.