Mike Elissen

How to find out what HTTP Responses Akamai and/or your origin is serving?

Blog Post created by Mike Elissen Employee on Aug 25, 2017

Similar to my recent post about increasing your offload, we have a Monitoring Report that shows you the percentages of HTTP Response Codes that either we or your origin are serving. This can be very beneficial to find out if someone is sending requests that lead to a high amount of redirects or 404 errors.


In order to find this you can go to Monitor > Responses.



On this page you can then see the percentages that we or your origin are serving. You can drill down and find out which URLs are included. For instance a high percentage of 301/302 redirect served by the origin might warrant some investigation to reduce these redirects. Akamai has the Edge Redirector Cloudlet with which you can easily manage your redirects on the Edge to speed up your delivery.


Also by finding out which URLs are generating a high volume of 404 you can fix these problems as well by making these object accessible, fixing broken links in your HTML code or even blocking this content on the Akamai Edge.



The button next to Hits by Response Code will give you the option to download a CSV file with the top 500 URLs. You can also only select a certain response code like 404 to find out about these URLs.


By using this Monitoring tool you can easily find out helpful statistics about your delivery and optimize this further! This can help you reduce hits, reduce volume and reduce bytes as well as improving the performance of your website/origin!