Mike Elissen

How to set-up a NetStorage account?

Blog Post created by Mike Elissen Employee on Sep 20, 2017

How to set-up a NetStorage account?

Often I receive the question how to set-up a NetStorage account. I will list the steps below how to do this.


1. Login to Luna and navigate to Configure > NetStorage > Configuration.


2. Select your existing NetStorage group and click on the gearbox. Click on View Details.


3. Scroll down on this page and click on Add Upload Account.


4. Enter all relevant information for the upload account. Username, Password/SSH, Type of access and any additional contact information. Email address is important here.


5. Click on Save and this will generate an verification email to be send to the supplied email.

6. Validate the email with the link in the email. Now the account will be verified and processed, this can take up to an hour or 90 minutes to process across all our NetStorage servers.

7. Now you can login to NetStorage with your favorite (S)FTP program.