Team Akamai - London to Paris Cycle Challenge

Blog Post created by B-C-THUDC5 Employee on Sep 10, 2015

It's been three days since I stepped out of the saddle of my trusty bicycle, and as my thighs begin to operate normally again I thought I'd write a quick update on the London to Paris cycle completed by Team Akamai.



A triumphant Team Akamai. Clockwise from top left, JP, Anders, Hamish, Jake, Ellen, Ted, Chris, Josh, Caroline, Rob.


Representing team Akamai were Ellen van Keulen, Hamish Rose, Jake Carey-Rand, Anders Rydell and Rob Ollenbuttel. The vital role of team support driver fell to Josh Kern and his trusty, yet slightly rattling VW van. Providing additional wit, energy and support were Ted, JP and Caroline respectively.


The event itself covered three days, Orpington to Hythe in the UK on day one, Marquise to Amiens in the north of France on day two, and finishing up with the longest ride from Hebecourt to Versailles on day three.


Despite a (traditionally) wet and miserable start in the UK, the French weather was kind to us - providing blue skies and low winds for days two and three and giving us a chance to enjoy some stunning scenery. What weren't so kind were the hills - we climbed 10,260 feet (3127m) over a total distance of 244 miles (393km).


A slightly cold and damp start in the UK - standard.


A nice flat road provided some selfie opportunities, somewhere near Crèvecœur-le-Grand


Anders Rydell conquers one of the biggest climbs with traditional style.


Rob eats hills like this for breakfast.


Timekeeping was slightly compromised when Hamish Rose hit 88mph and went back to the future.


Best of all, through the support of our kind colleagues, friends and family we raised over £3300 for the British Heart Foundation, a fantastic total for a worthy cause.


Same again next year?