Pedro Salvado

Serving millions of files using NetStorage

Blog Post created by Pedro Salvado Employee on Mar 5, 2015

Do you need to store and serve millions of files and want to use a cloud storage solution to offload origin traffic?

Are you concerned with upload times intrinsic to uploading millions of files via (S)FTP?

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NetStorage has a feature called "Serve From ZIP" that can help with the managing and serving of millions of files. Instead of uploading each file individually, you can pre-package a large number of files into a ZIP archive and upload it to NetStorage.


NetStorage will create an index of all files in the archive and treat the ZIP filename as if it were a file system folder.


You can then front NetStorage with one of Akamai's delivery products and use all the normal caching and acceleration features to serve the individual files to end users.


As an example, the file containing 2 files: foo and bar, can serve these files via a URL in the form of, and


If you want to learn more about this feature have a look at the documentation on Luna or reach out to us.