Akamai Community - 2016 Jive Awards recipient for the “Transforming Customer Support”

Blog Post created by jcardina@akamai.com on Mar 17, 2016

On March 16th @ JIVEWORLD Akamai Community won the "Transforming Customer Support" 2016 Award.








This award was based on the following criteria: a company that has truly turned its customers and/or partners into an extension of their support team. The winning company is one that is able to best highlight results from these efforts and demonstrate how they are improving customer experiences while more cost-effectively supporting them.


Our submission highlighted the following In order to transform customer support for our customers and partners:

  • Thought Leadership - The Akamai Community gives customers, partners and guests access to a wide variety of content, news and events, and training materials covering Akamai solutions and primary industries.
  • Collaboration & Self-Service - Members collaborate with each other via discussions, Q & A, documents, ideation and polls both publicly and privately.

  • Knowledge Sharing - Increase Knowledge Sharing for our customers and partners by providing up-to-date and simple knowledge base articles exclusively to our customers and partners.
  • Dual Authentication - From a single login page, for our SAML SSO users (customers, partners and employees) and our non-SAML SSO guest users.
  • "Akamai on Akamai" Security Solutions


Thank you for your participation and contribution to the Akamai Community.  Please take a few minutes and provide us feedback via the survey on the homepage or contact community@akamai.com.


Akamai Community Team

Judi Cardinal & Julie Brancik