Recent Blog Post from Securosis Got Me Thinking:  Is WAF Dead?

Poll created by B-3-XH9UGV Employee on Apr 5, 2016

This missive from Securosis got me thinking about whether or not the WAF we know and love is "mature" (which really is a euphemism for "dead").  On the one hand WAFs have been around for over 10 years, and many technologies have emerged since the first WAFs were sold.  On the other hand the recent migration from "pizza box" WAFs to cloud-based WAFs represent an important evolution in WAF technology and architecture.  But then my point of view may be a bit biased.  What do our Community members think? Please answer the poll below:

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  • WAF is dying or dead already -- as exciting as anti-virus software
  • WAF is just getting started and will continue evolve AND provide value for years
  • Other -- please leave a comment