Vicky Straughan

Throwback Thursday: A Change of Port

Discussion created by Vicky Straughan Employee on Nov 6, 2014

In the first quarter of 2008, we launched our  State of the Internet report (which you can now access via State of the Internet | Akamai or via an App).  In that report, Akamai reported the top 3 ports for attack as:

  1. Port 135, Microsoft RPC, with 29.66% of attacks
  2. Port 139, NETBIOS, with 13.27% of attacks
  3. Port 22, SSH, with 12.08% of attacks.


NOW, at the end of the 3rd quarter in 2014, Akamai issued the latest report, show the change as:

  1. Port 80, www (HTTP) at 15%
  2. Port 445, Microsoft-DS at 14%
  3. Port 23, Telnet at 10%


How are times and strategies changing for you? !