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Web-based Multicast streaming video player

Question asked by Frederic Landry on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by Mike Whitman

Hello everyone, my question is simple. How to watch a live multicast stream within a web page?


We need to broadcast live within a corporate network of thousands of users, we don't want to use VLC, Quicktime, Windows Media or any other software that would need to be deployed. Unicast streaming within corporate networks are not an options for big companies. People want the same user experience for all devices and platforms, this can only be achieved with web apps.


I can't believe there is no web-based solution for this. Silverlight + Wowza Silverlight multicast plugin is no longer supported, OSMF is no longer supported, Adobe created RTMFP which is not widely supported. Most of web-based players will only play RTMP or HLS streams.


Anything else? What are our options? *pulling hair*


Thanks all!