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Is it better to batch purge requests when using CCU?

Question asked by B-3-SLL0OH on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2015 by B-3-SLL0OH

Hi. My cache manager implementation currently send one purge request per page. When I tried purging 1000 pages or so it took an hour and a half for all requests to be honoured. As these pages have a 20 minute TTL this is rather pointless. My question is, if I batch these requests up so I send, say, ten requests, each with a list of a hundred pages to purge, would this make any difference to the time it takes?






PS: One good reason to batch is that it can take up to a second to POST over https to CCU. That means just creating 1000 purge requests will take nearly 17 minutes regardless of how long it subsequently takes to action them.