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Trying to understand different Role permissions

Question asked by Rory Hewitt on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by Laurence Leccia

Hey all,'


I'm trying to understand the specific permissions that can be assigned to a Role in Luna Console. Basically, we have a big ole' mess right now, with too many user having too many custom Roles assigned. In many cases, I see Roles which have all of the following permissions checked:


Content Control Utility - CCU and ECCU

Content Control Utility - CCU only

Content Control Utility - Purge by CP Code

If a role has all 3 of these checked, I assume any user with that role can do anything to do with purging. Or can they? If I uncheck the "Content Control Utility - Purge by CP Code" permission, what can they do in CCU and/or ECCU? Presumably they can't purge by CP Code. Or is that already implied by one of the other permissions? If they have the first two checked, does the "CCU only" 'override' the "CCU and ECCU"?

I have a number of other questions about Role-based permissions (what's the difference between Event Viewer and Alerts Viewer?), but there doesn't seem to be any documentation anywhere about these specifics. Obviously any help I can get from these forums is going to be useful, but the ideal (I think) would be meaningful help documentation, with context-specific help...

Finally, we have a number of users who have multiple User ID's for the same Name - one Luna Console profile and one or more web services profiles. I can see when the Luna Console profile last logged on, but there is no information about the web services profile. Is it possible to see if it's ever been used?

Like I say, any helpful comments gratefully received, but an actual help document would be the bomb.