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Flow Based Monitoring metrics from Prolexic API?

Question asked by Matthew Gartman on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by Ademir Venegas

I am currently looking to get detailed Flow Based Monitoring metrics from the Prolexic API ( I would like to be able to get sample rates for a specific time frame and subnet similar to the raw data that is presented on the dashboard in the portal (  The dashboard appears to populate from this URI which returns JSON data points.


When I query the available metric types (http://openurl/prolexic-analytics/v1/metric-types) I do not see any values for FBM with the only metrics available being: connect, mitigationPre, mitigationPost, proxy, routed.


From the {OPEN} Prolexic API’s is it possible to get detailed FBM metrics?


If not, is there a supported way to authenticate to the dashboard via an automated reporting tool in order to pull the data from the getgraphdata URI?