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Why does Akamai not have an optimal ACL for shiteshield?

Question asked by Aniket Bodhankar on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by Junichi Hata

When we bought Siteshield, I had an assumption that we only Whitelist the Siteshield map IPs. I was then told based on our our usage that we need to whitelist:


22 CIDR (Siteshield)

17 CIDR (Secure Edge Staging Network)

15 IPs  (CCU) [no-CIDR]

959 IPs (Performance / Monitoring / SLA Agents) [no-CIDR]


Q1) Why aren't the CCU and Secure Edge Staging Network IPs part of our Siteshield map?

Q2) Why no CIDRs are provided for Performance / Monitoring / SLA Agents?

Q3) What impacts will I face if I don't white-list Performance / Monitoring / SLA Agents ?


My network admins are resisting to add this big of an ACL citing performance impact. Any experience from existing customers deploying Siteshield?

I found this discussion but I'm not sure how they optimized the SLA agent list (I don't want to limit it to north america)