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Program using Akamai API for external Purging

Question asked by mdtCCU DCIHK2 on Jul 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2015 by Joseph LaRocca

Hello All,


We are trying to create a program which uses AKAMAI API - Akamai CCU REST API Developers Guide, for making external purge requests.

We have configured our website, both against Staging & Production, in Luna Control.



Now we want to test the purging request against the Staging Akamai Servers, first.

How to make sure of this, that the purge request is going to Staging Akamai servers only and not the Production one???


Are the parameters sufficient to differentiate the environment and type of request...


"action" : "remove" or "invalidate" ,

"domain" : "production" or "staging"


Please provide your inputs.