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Introduce yourself to the Web Performance Community

Discussion created by Jeff McLean Employee on Aug 10, 2015
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Hi all -


Welcome to the Web Performance Community! My name is Jeff McLean and I will be one of the Web Performance Community Managers. I have been at Akamai for about 4 years now, currently as a Technical Enablement Architect, and previously as a Solutions Engineer.


The Web Performance community is not only designed to help you hone key skills necessary to have a successfully performing website but also set up to help you connect and learn from others in your shoes. Build your network of peers as you work through key web performance concepts or have particular challenging issues of your own you want help with.


To get started, Introduce Yourself. Copy and paste this list below in your reply and let us know something about you. Don't forget to tell us your superpower!


Copy/Paste this in your reply to introduce yourself:

  1. Your company.
  2. Your role as it relates to web performance and what type of website you manage (internal/external and use cases you focus on?)
  3. How long you've been a interested in web performance (or program owner / admin role, etc)?
  4. What is one challenge you face now that you want this community to help you address?
  5. What is your superpower or some other fun thing you'd like to share?

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