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TLS cipher suites used for Akamai-to-origin handshake?

Question asked by Gunther Kochmann Employee on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by Rajiv Aaron Manglani

Today I was drawn into a discussion regarding cipher suite profiles. The main point was regarding required/preferred ciphers for client-to-Edge handshake. Akamai has a couple of profiles which are sort of the most common presets provided by the system in order to make selection easier and more uniform.


During this discussion we were also talking about the cipher suites which the origin supports/offers for the Akamai-to-origin handshake. However we didn't see a connection between ciphers selected for client-to-Edge communication and the ciphers available/allowed for the Akamai-to-origin communication.


The question is, is there sort of a relation?


E.g. Akamai-to-origin communication must never use a less secure cipher suite than client-to-Edge?


I'd expect that this is checked and maintained, but of course I am not sure whether the Akamai platform does enforce an equally high or higher secure connection for Akamai-to-origin.


Please help me shedding some light on this topic.