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Ability to serve Playready files via Akamai HLS config?

Discussion created by John Park Employee on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by Eric Elbaz

this is rather a unique use case where a customer would like to use their current Akamai HLS to stream Playready files.  below is the current workflow:


- Encrypt all files w/MS Playready DRM v2 using ISMV Silverlight and H.264 as the original code using Smooth Streaming IIS Akamai server config to provide to end users.

- All files stored on Akamai NS:

- Encrypted file sample:   Inside of the url: .. you can see a set of ISMV and ISMA files together w/the Silverlight Manifest files.

- How the customer is streaming today:   using the Smooth Streaming IIS Akamai server config;  then getting the Playready License from the Playready License Server

     - sample URL:


Devices:  customer did not specify a brand but some form of set-top boxes using Linux for Android


are there any options to generate an encrypted Playready file from MP4 instead of an ISMV file?   or perhaps a way to copy/move the ISMV files to a new NS location and duplicate the storage usage?


any thoughts on this use case?  thanks!