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API access to Edgescape data

Question asked by Shanid Gafur on Aug 20, 2015
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Hi all,


I'm trying to find some programmatic approach to access the EdgeScape database with IP addresses. We have a few properties that are currently EdgeScape enabled, and I'd like to understand EdgeScape data for a sampling of IP addresses coming to the site. This is to be used for point in time analysis/troubleshooting for user experience. I was trying to find an {OPEN} API that let me pass in IP addresses and return back with edgecape data for them, but I don't think that exists it. I found some documentation for some Legacy LUNA APIs but I'm not sure if that is still valid.


Here's what I'd like to get the community's perspective on -


1. Is there an {OPEN} API for this? Is something planned to come out anytime soon?

2. If not, with the Luna API's meet my use case? How can we get started on them?