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invalid endpoint error for DNS Traffic Report API

Question asked by Jeffrey Chen on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by Jeffrey Chen

Hi I am trying to use the DNS-Zone Traffic Report API for eDNS service, however, I keep getting the invalid endpoint error:



  "type": "",

  "title": "Bad request",

  "status": 400,

  "detail": "Invalid endpoint",

  "instance": "https://******<>?start=20150801&start_time=00:30&end=20150815&end_time=23:59&time_zone=Pacific%20Standard%20Time;%20PST;%20GMT-08:00&include_estimates=false",

  "method": "GET",

  "serverIp": "",

  "clientIp": "",

  "requestId": "4256755",

  "requestTime": "2015-08-27T18:13:39Z"



Is the instance/url i constructed somehow incorrect?  I dont think it is an authentication issue since I have DNS -ZoneTraffic Reporting READ right under my authorization client.  It works for other API such as Traffic management.  Appreciate any help.