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When using Property Manager with Net Storage, how do I force directory paths to have a trailing space

Question asked by John Masseria on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by Didier Fort

I have a property manager configuration that only uses Net Storage to serve content.  I need to force all requests link to


This is required to keep the client's browser happy.  My testing has shown that without a trailing slash "/" the browser treats the page as if it is in the root of the site.


For the URL, I added the redirect rule shown below.  For a few more URLs I can simply add more copies of this rule.


However, this solution doesn't scale beyond a few directories and any change requires an Akamai configuration change.



In Apache the solution to this problem is to add the following Apache rewrite rule:


RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}  -d

RewriteRule ^(.+[^/])$ $1/  [R]


Unfortunately we can't check if the path is a directory in Property Manager because Property Manager is abstracted from that information.


Is there a way to apply some regular expression to the path and if the path "looks" like a directory then append a trailing slash if one doesn't already exist?


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