Rory Hewitt

In-house Purging utilities & CP Code Management

Discussion created by Rory Hewitt on Oct 29, 2015

Hello all,


I'm trying to get some information from my fellow Akamai customers about what, if anything, they use to perform purges, out of the following options:


  1. Manually, via Luna Console
  2. Simple script-based purging
  3. Something more complex


As an overview, in addition to ad-hoc purges via the Luna Console, my company currently performs a nightly purge of most of our content, using a simple script to call the CCU OPEN API, passing a comma-separated list of CP Codes. This works fine, but it means that the team which actually does the purging (actually separate teams for Production and QA) needs to update their script when CP Codes are added or removed (which happens more than one might expect). Additionally, it's a pretty broad brush approach, and has some security concerns. We have about 30 CP Codes in Production, and hundreds in QA (multiple 'sets' per QA environment).


I have been looking at creating a better system, which would put the CP Codes into a small database of some sort, categorized appropriately, based on their type (QA or Production), environment (test1, test2, test3 etc.), related content type (Home Page, Product page, Search API etc.) and so on. We could then build a single interface with access control and proper logging/auditing. Someone with sufficient authority could say e.g. "Purge the test2 environment" or even "Purge the Product pages in the test2 environment" without needing to know exactly which CP Codes are being purged (and without knowing the userid/password being used to actually perform the purge). As we move away from CP Codes to the new tags in fast purge, the interface would remain the same, with only backend changes, so it's a seamless transition.


Has anyone else done anything like this, and was it worth the effort? Would you be willing to share, if not the code itself, your overall approach?