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Additional ability to self-service property configurations that contain custom xml?

Question asked by Mike Micco on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by Jay Sikkeland

We have many property configurations that use custom XML matches and behaviors that Akamai has created for us.  We have a few use cases that always require us to reach out to our Akamai team for assistance that I think should be self-service.

  1. If we modify a property, and try to remove a custom xml rule, we get an error and cannot save the changes.  In this case I believe self service removal of a custom rule should be allowed.
  2. Some rules we have we turned into templates using the User Templates feature.  Some of our templates contain custom xml rules.  If creating a new property where we want to use the same rule, we cannot save the property after inserting the templated rule.  In this case, I think that with a little validation, it should be ok to "re-use" a custom rule that was already created for you.


Also, I see this as a benefit to Akamai as well, if you implement #2, then the Akamai team could create a custom rule once for a customer as a templated rule, and then the customer can self-service adding it to whatever properties they want to use it on.


Final question: Is there any way around the above restrictions already that I am just not aware of, that would allow us more self-service?