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How many Login is available for NetStorage?

Question asked by Kazuki Fukushima on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by Gunther Kochmann

Hello Akamai Support team,


I believe below is current limit of NetStorage, right?


Provisioning limits:

• Maximum of 20 CP codes per storage group

• Upload accounts: A maximum of 100 upload accounts per storage group can be provisioned in Luna Control Center. Please open a "Business Support" case if you need more than 100 upload accounts, indicating how many more you need, the reason, and the CP code.

• The regions assigned to a storage group should be separated from each other by at least 200 miles. This is to provide resiliency from local network issues.

System limits:

• Maximum of 90,000 (90K) directories per storage group. Once this limit is reached, further directory write operations will be denied and you will need to contact Akamai Customer Care by opening a Technical Support case in Luna Control Center to request a manual change to delete some of those directories to clear the deadlock.

• Maximum of 64 MB size for the list of directories and file names at any given level of a directory. Each directory contains a list of pointers to all of its direct files and sub-directories, the total size of this list can't exceed the file system limit of 64 MB. Hence, we recommend customers to adhere to the file number recommendations and make sure their filenames aren't too long.

• Maximum of objects (files, links and sub-directories) in a single directory should not exceed 300000 (300K). Once this quota is exceeded a "QUOTA" error will be seen while trying to upload new files. As indicated below, for performance reasons we recommend not exceeding 2000 files in a single directory. This limit currently has a warning threshold of 50,000 objects and a hard-limit threshold of 300000 (300K) (exceeding the hard limit will trigger upload errors). Akamai may allow certain exceptions on a temporarily basis at the CP (storage group) level while the directory is cleaned up.

• The largest file size that can be stored on NetStorage is 100G, which is also the maximum file size that Edge servers are allowed to deliver. (for more info see #5400: Maximum file size that can be delivered by an Akamai Edge Server)


Operation limits:

• Idle timeout (global settings per service):

• non-interactive session is 120 seconds, for ex. SCP and CMS

• CMS interactive session is 900 seconds

• FTP is 1100 seconds

• SFTP is 900 seconds

• Rsync (secure and non-secure) is 600 seconds, however for Rsync over SSH the initial timeout is set to 10800 seconds (to cover for the time it takes to build the initial tree listing)


Concurrent login limits:

• Maximum of 25 FTP concurrent logins per NetStorage region, and 25 concurrent logins per NetStorage region for the aggregate of the other connection methods: rsync, sftp, scp, cms. (These are defaults, and may be lowered in the future.)

• The number of concurrent connections for all login methods is added together, and new connection attempts will fail if they would result in the relevant threshold being exceeded. For example, assume the maximum FTP connections for the "Smith" upload account have been increased (by Akamai) to 30. Also, assume the Smith account currently has 5 ftp + 5 sftp +5 rsync +5 scp + 5 cms connections active, ie 25 total concurrent connections. A new ftp connection attempt will succeed, since the limit of 30 total ftp connections has not been reached. However, an SCP connection attempt will fail, since the default limit of 25 non-ftp connections has been reached.

• Connections may be to various servers in a NetStorage region, but the limit is the same whether the connections are to a single server or spread across multiple servers.

• The thresholds for some accounts may have custom values. Customers cannot view the threshold value themselves.

• The theoretical max connections for a storage group in a NetStorage region is the number of upload accounts X the thresholds for ftp- and non-ftp connection methods. However, there is no guarantee that the max will be supported.


Other limits:

• Directory renaming is not allowed by the system. If you need to rename a directory you can create a symbolic link pointing to the old directory, or create a new directory, move the files and delete the old directory.

• Resuming of interrupted uploads is not allowed, to eliminate the possibility of inadvertently replicating partially-uploaded content and making it accessible to end users.

• Creation of hard links is not allowed (creation of symbolic links is).

• Creation of symlinks is not supported across storage groups.

• Tiered Distribution should be enabled if NetStorage is the origin and the minimum TTL allowed is 10 minutes.


File paths:

• No path components (domains, directories, and filenames, for example) may begin with a period (.) or end with a '/' .

• All path characters must be of ASCII values 32-255, inclusive.

• The total path can be no more than 800 characters in length.

• Individual path components can have no more than 200 characters.

• NOTE: It is up to the client/user-agent to decide whether path name bytes are interpreted as UTF-8, latin-1, etc. HTTP just defines URLs to be a byte-string, so as long as the byte string (after decoding %'s) sent by a browser matches the byte-string of the filename on NetStorage the object should serve fine, as long as there are no characters 0-31 [which means UTF-16 generally will not work].


Recommendations for optimum performance:

• Directory structure: maximum of 5 levels deep, top level being the cpcode.

• 2000 (2K) files in a single directory. Akamai Customer Care may contact you proactively if you have more than 50000 (50K) files in a single directory, since it may affect performance of upload and download operations.

• No more than 2 million files per storage group (across all CP codes in the storage group).

• Disk usage: maximum of 10 TB of content in a storage group.

• Large files: Please contact Akamai Customer Care by opening a Technical Support case in Luna Control Center if you are planning to store files larger than 1.8 GB in NetStorage, (Much larger files can be uploaded to NetStorage, eg up to 100 GB. However it is recommended that Customer Care verify that your configuration is enabled for Large Files. Without the proper configuration, files over 1.8 GB will not be delivered by the Edge servers.)

• No more than 1-5 disk operations per second across the storage group (operation is any command sent to the system as a result of an external action by an end user). For example, if there are 3 files in directory /dir1/example1, the FTP command: "rm /dir1/example1/0*" will trigger 3 disk operations. A minimum of 1 operation per second is guaranteed, more operations per second will be allowed depending on the system load. At 15 ops/sec, the system throttles the upload.



In "Concurrent login limits" section, there is the description about simultaneous login but it's difficult to understand so could you confirm below my recognition?


1) In default, the limitation is 25 simultaneous login with gathering FTP, SFTP, Rsync, etc....]

2) In this section, there is "30" for limitation but it's not default but the Akamai custom forthe customer, right?


Best Regards,