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Client error: 400 - CCU Purge API

Question asked by Alberto Sousa on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by Alberto Sousa


I would like to know all reasons to get "Client error: 400" using CCU Purge API.



In following web page I got this information: "400 - Bad request - Often a malformed purge request JSON".



I am using the PHP example script, that works fine at my local machine.

But exactly the same script returns "Client error: 400" in my QA server.

The json parameter is the same. So I believe that maybe could be some difference at server configs.




$client = new Akamai\Open\EdgeGrid\Client([

  'base_uri' => $base_uri




  $client->setAuth($client_token, $client_secret, $access_token);


  try {



  $purge_body ='{

   "objects": [



   "action": "invalidate",

   "type": "arl",

   "domain": "'.$domainAkamai.'"





  $response = $client->post('/ccu/v2/queues/default', [

  'body' => $purge_body,

  'headers' => ['Content-Type' => 'application/json']




  $result= $response->getBody();


  } catch (\Exception $e) {








I tried to use the other format example. But I got the same result (in my local server it works very well, but in QA server I got "Client error: 400"):



namespace Akamai\Open\Example;



require_once __DIR__ . '/cli/init.php';



class CcuClient



  * @var \Akamai\Open\EdgeGrid\Client


  protected $client;



  public function __construct()


  $this->client = \Akamai\Open\EdgeGrid\Client::createFromEdgeRcFile('ccu');




  public function getQueue()


  $response = $this->client->get('/ccu/v2/queues/default');

  printf("The queue currently has %s items in it\n", json_decode($response->getBody())->queueLength);




  public function checkProgress($resource)


  $response = $this->client->get($resource);

  return json_decode($response->getBody());




  public function postPurgeRequest()


  $purge_body = [

  "objects" => [






  printf("Adding %s to queue\n", json_encode($purge_body, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES));

  $response = $this->client->post('/ccu/v2/queues/default', [

  'body' => json_encode($purge_body),

  'headers' => ['Content-Type' => 'application/json']


  return $response;





$ccu = new CcuClient();



try {


  $purge = $ccu->postPurgeRequest();

  $progress = $ccu->checkProgress(json_decode($purge->getBody())->progressUri);



  $seconds_to_wait = $progress->pingAfterSeconds;

  printf("You should wait %s seconds before checking queue again...\n", $seconds_to_wait);

} catch (\GuzzleHttp\Exception\ClientException $e) {

  // Handle errors

  echo "An error occurred: " .$e->getMessage(). "\n";

  echo "Please try again with --debug or --verbose flags.\n";






Please, someone know all the reasons that could show this error and what could I check in my QA server?



Thanks for attention.