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Amazon S3 Origin SSL Certificate PIN

Question asked by Kamrul Hassan on Jun 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by Gunther Kochmann


I am quite new to the akamai configuration and would like to understand some basic things. I have to configure akamai for the Amazon S3 bucket and which is on HTTPS. e. g:

  • I need to pin this certificate in our origin configuration
  • I tried to pin the certificate using the usual retrieval process and it fails to download the certificate by saying "Unable to establish an SSL connection with that origin hostname and port"
  • I tried to manually copy pasted the PEM code by download it from the browser and convert it to base64 string
  • In the configuration i also trusted Amamai managed certificate authorities sets: AT&T Certification Store and Amazon set.


it appears that i am missing something! Could anyone help regarding this issue ?

N.B:  i have no control over S3 service provider