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Edge redirector Regex rule

Question asked by Kalyan Gorthi on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by Kalyan Gorthi

I have created a regular expression and tested using Akamai regex tester. It is working for English but not for French, german, Japanese.




Redirect Url:\1/.html

Working Url:

Not working Url:時計-sku-abc123xyz.html


I have tested the above regex with online tools which use RE2 library syntax like Akamai and there it working fine.


Below are the programming languages we tested using online tools for language us,jp,de,fr.


Programming languages the above regex is working:

Java. Javascript, GO, Haskel, XRegExp.

Programming languages the above regex is not working:

PHP, Phyton.


Is there some problem in the regex tester in Akamai?

How does Akamai resolves this regex ?